Condane Rolle, 2018 Florida Building Inspector of the Year

Port St. Lucie residents often send complimentary letters to city hall after a visit from Condane Rolle, 2018 Florida Building Inspector of the Year. ANTHONY INSWASTY


Growing up in northwest Fort Pierce, Condane Rolle says his father Roderick insisted he always be the best at everything he did. Even in school, B’s were never good enough, and the desire to please his father, an Army drill sergeant, kept the youngster on the straight and narrow.

“The kids on the street called me Gangster Nerd,” the city building inspector says with a chuckle. “I liked to play Oregon Trail on the computers at school and the Boys and Girls Club, and I played the trumpet in school. I think I was the only kid in my neighborhood who played a musical instrument. I grew up in Pine Creek Village on North 29th Street at Avenue L. It was a tough neighborhood.”

Over the years, Rolle has followed the Army motto of “Be all you can be,” and his efforts have resulted in being honored as the 2018 Florida Building Inspector of the Year.

During his early years at Village Green Elementary, Rolle excelled in academics. After graduating from Fort Pierce Central High School in 2002, he joined the Navy hoping to continue his family’s military legacy and make it a career. After basic training, he was assigned to submarine school in Connecticut, where he was the top-ranked student in his class.

He then was selected for the crew of a newly built attack submarine, the USS Virginia, which was commissioned on Oct. 23, 2004. He worked on the refrigeration equipment on the sub for a few years until he was injured and was given a medical retirement. Returning home, Rolle went to work in 2006 for the City of Port St. Lucie as an air-conditioning technician until 2011 when he went to work for St. Lucie County Schools and started his own A/C company. But because of his disability, the work became too difficult, so he returned to the city as a mechanical inspector in 2013.

Rolle was nominated for the state award by his supervisors, Alphanette Waters, chief building inspector, and Joel Dramis, building code administrator.

According to Dramis, one reason he and Waters nominated Rolle was because the city has received a lot of letters over the years from the residents complimenting Rolle.

“His customer service skills are exceptional,” Dramis says. “He has a lot of character and is a very intelligent individual. We are happy to have him on the staff.

“We’re an accredited department; we serve about a thousand people a day,” Dramis continues. “Yet we might get one complaint every two to three weeks. Mostly they are complaining about what the inspector has told them they have to do. We get a lot of compliments on Condane and hardly ever a complaint.”

The 34-year-old inspector attributes his success to having the unique perspective of having been a contractor, of being able to see when things are done wrong.

“My experience helps me explain things to contractors,” he says. “Some inspectors have an ‘I told you so’ attitude and they can’t explain why things need to be done. That’s a big disconnect. You are in enforcement, but you can’t explain why you are enforcing — the reason you need to hang the duct like this is because if it is not hung properly, it will sweat and cause problems for the homeowner. You have to give the reasons why things need to be done a certain way.

“When the compliments come in, it’s because I always give people my card and tell them to call me if they have any problems.”

Dramis says he makes sure that any new inspectors ride with Rolle as part of their training so they can observe his customer-service skills firsthand. Rolle is cross-trained in plumbing inspections and is studying to be certified for electrical inspections. He also is assisting coworkers in becoming cross-trained in other areas.

Rolle contributes the department’s emphasis on training to Waters, who he says is knowledgeable in all areas of inspection.

“Alphanette rounds us out,” he says. “I feel like it is a really good time to be an inspector in the City of Port St. Lucie. She has every license you can get, I believe. She is awesome. She will agree with us most times but will also point things out when we are wrong, which helps us learn.”

Born in Jamaica, Rolle was adopted by his father and brought to the U.S. “I was born when he was 50,” Rolle says, “but he could still outrun me until I was about 12.”

His father’s influence has continued throughout his life. As he reflects on his award, Rolle says it was his father’s guidance that led him to this bright spot in his career. To listen to his supervisors, there is only more goodness to follow.


Age: 34
Lives in: Port St. Lucie
Occupation: Building inspector, City of Port St. Lucie
Family: Wife, Tiffany Rolle; son, Isaiah Rolle, 5
Education: Graduate of Fort Pierce Central High School, 2002
Hobbies: “I like riding the local mountain bike trails.”
Who/what inspires me: “My father, Roderick Rolle, inspires me. He taught me to always give my best.”
Something people don’t know about me: “I am afraid of heights, but I deal with it.”